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The Great Northern Railway was originally chartered as the London & York Railway and after several years of going nowhere its Act finally received the Royal Assent on 26 June 1846. It was built in various parts of the country in a rather haphazard way but it was more or less complete by May 1850. Together with the North Eastern and North British Railways the Great Northern formed an integral part of the East Coast Main Line from King's Cross to Edinburgh. The Engineer was William Cubitt. Doncaster Works was opened in 1853, and was presided over by a very competent succession of Locomotive Superintendents from Archibald Sturrock through Patrick Stirling and H. A. Ivatt to Sir Nigel Gresley. The Great Northern became part of the London & North Eastern Railway in 1923.
The ultimate development of Great Northern motive power, Gresley's prototype "A-1" Pacific No. 1470 "Great Northern," built at Doncaster Works in 1922
Ivatt's Atlantic No. 271, built at Doncaster in 1903
The "Flying Scotsman" in around 1914 behind Ivatt Large Atlantic No. 282
Patrick Stirling's celebrated Great Northern Single No. 1. Stirling was not a fan of coupled express locomotives and likened their appearance to a man trying to run with his trousers down
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