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For many years the Midland Railway's attempts to obtain a line to Manchester were thwarted by the London & North Western Railway. In the 1860s, however, the Midland and Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railways entered into a joint agreement, brokered by Sir James Allport (former General Manager of the MS&LR but by then General Manager of the Midland) and Sir Edward Watkin (General Manager of the MS&LR). The Midland Railway would build a line from Millers Dale to New Mills, while the MS&LR built a line from Hyde via New Mills to Hayfield. The Sheffield & Midland Joint then linked these lines with Manchester. The line gained entry into Manchester London Road Station - MS&LR, but also used by the L&NWR, Cheshire Lines Committee (MR/GNR/MS&LR Joint) and GWR - in 1867, finally giving the Midland its line from St. Pancras to Manchester. The MS&LR gained some better connections to the south, including running rights for London expresses to St. Pancras, in return for giving the Midland running rights over the MS&LR to South Yorkshire, Grimsby and New Holland. Additional lines were eventually built to provide shorter routes and relieve congestion. After 1907 the Midland Railway used Manchester Central Station, which was opened by the Cheshire Lines Committee as their Manchester terminus in 1880. The Sheffield & Midland Joint Committee consisted of six directors, three from each of the MS&LR and MR. In 1881 these were Lord Auckland, Sir Edward Watkin and Richard Withers from the MS&LR and James Allport, J. W. Cropper and Matthew Thompson from the MR. At this time the joint company controlled a total of 27¾ miles of track.
Map of the Sheffield & Midland Joint Railway. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons. I have added the Macclesfield, Bollington & Marple Railway (North Stafford/MS&LR Joint). To enlarge right click and select "view image"
Midland Railway Johnson Class "179" 4-2-2 No. 440 at Bell Vue on the Sheffield & Midland Joint Railway
Charles Sacré' s Class "6" 4-4-0 No. 441, built at Gorton Works in 1881. Shown here at Marple on the Sheffield & Midland Joint Railway
Withington station, Sheffield & Midland Joint Railway, from a postcard of around 1908
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