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Parker Locomotives
Thomas Parker (1829-1903) was Locomotive Superintendent of the Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway from 1886-1893. He is chiefly memorable for having intoructed the Belpaire firebox to Great Britain in his Class "F" 0-6-2 tanks, on which see separate webpage.
Three Class E-2 2-4-0 locomotives were built in 1883 by the Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway Railway for servicing expresses between Manchester and Grantham
Parker Class 3 (LNE Class "F1") 2-4-2 radial tank No. 584 introduced in 1889
The Parker D-7 express locomotive was introduced in 1887
The J-13 0-6-0 was Thomas Parker's first locomotive design for the Manchester, Sheffielf & Lincolnshire Railway
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