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The front cover of the Great Central timetable of the third quarter of 1903 (below) shows much of interest. At the top is a Robinson Class "11" 4-4-0 of 1901. Below this is the Great Central Railway coat of arms, which is almost unique among British railways in having been officially granted by the College of Heralds, rather than being devised by the company as a mere badge or logo. At the bottom is an illustration of one of the several ferries that the GCR operated between Grimsby and the continent of Europe. The Port of Grimsby, over which the Great Central had a virtual monopoly in the early 1900s, was then the largest fishing port in the world.
Map of the Great Central Railway and Connections, including projected lines, 1903. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.
Great Central Railway poster advertizing the "gorgeous sights" (sic.) of Blackpool
Great Central Railway Timetable for July to September 1903
Local pride in advertizing. On 23 April 1904 Manchester City met Bolton Wanderers at the Crystal Palace in London for the Cup Final, and the Great Central Railway was rooting for their home team. They prophesied on their poster correctly, as it turned out that the star of the Manchester City team, Billy Meredith (1874-1958), would score the winning goal
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