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Next only to the Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway, the Cheshire Lines Committee's system, with 143 miles of track, was the largest joint railway in Britain. Though it was initially formed as a joint company by the Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire and Great Northern Railways in 1862, the Midland Railway joined the other two companies in 1863. The chief promoter was the Sheffield company's General Manager, the redoubtable Sir Edward Watkin. It provided all three companies the Great Central, the Great Northern and the Midland, with a route to Liverpool, as well as serving a number of other important cities such as Chester and Stockport, and supplying suburban service to such places as Aintree and Knotty Ash in the greater Liverpool area. Like the East Coast Joint Committee, the company had a joint stock of carriages and wagons, but the member companies provided the motive power and the CLC had no locomotives of its own. After 1923 the LNER provided the motive power. The Midland Railway also ran a number of its own trains over the line.
Map of the Cheshire Lines Committee's railway
The Cheshire Lines Committee's terminal in Manchester, Manchester Central station, shortly after the Grouping of 1923
Artistic license: the CLC had no locomotives of its own but this advertisement clearly shows a locomotive marked "CLC"! It appears to be an ex-Great Eastern "D-15" Class 4-4-0 belonging to the number series 8810-8819, shown in a fictitious CLC apple green livery
British Railways Class "9-F" 2-10-0 No. 92220 "Evening Star" running through Northwich station en route from Chester to York on 21 May 1983. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
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