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Moniaive Branch
The Cairn Valley Light Railway was constructed under the Light Railways Act of 1896 and opened on 1 March 1905. The branch ran from just north of Dumfries on the Glasgow & South Western Railway main line to Moniaive (pop. 520), a distance of 17 miles. Needless to say the line was never a success, and it closed to passenger service on 3 May 1943, and to goods traffic on 4 August 1947.
Map of the Cairn Valley Light Railway
Moniaive branch mixed train heading out of Dumfries behind a Stirling 0-4-2 in around 1920
Dunscore Station, Cairn Valley Light Railway, in around 1910. Note the similarity of the chalet-style stations to those on the Maidens & Dunure Light Railway
stepford House and Station, Cairn Valley Railway
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