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"The Pullman"
George Pullman addressed the Half-Yearly Meeting of the Midland Railway Shareholders on 15 February 1873 and shortly thereafter a modest announcement in the press stated that an agreement had been made between the Midland Railway and the Pullman Car Company to provide the first vestibuled Pullman train in Britain. The contract provided for two night trains and two day trains and for their maintenance for a period of fifteen years. Some modifications were made to the normal Pullman design to fit it for the Midland Railway and one of these was most unfortunate. The substitution of the British arrangement of two sprung side buffers for the single sprung coupler of American practice meant that anyone who failed to "Mind the Gap" when moving between coaches faced instant death. By June 1874 the Pullmans were in service between St. Pancras and Bradford, and by 1875 they had been extended to include the overnight express to Scotland. The London St. Pancras to Glasgow St. Enoch service only used actual Pullman cars between 1875 and 1888, but the name "The Pullman" stuck for over a century. The Midland Railway did not renew their contract with Pullman in 1888 and it was not until 1960 that Pullmans returned to St. Pancras.
Midland Railway Pullman Sleeping Car 1875
Pullman car "Alexandra" built in 1875 for the Midland Railway but transferred to the London, Brighton & South Coast Railway in 1877
Midland Railway Drawing Room Car 1875
Interior of Midland Railway Pullman "Palace" Car
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