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Barrhead Branch
The Glasgow & South Western Railway’s Barrhead Branch ran from the Paisley Canal line at Corsebar Junction to a terminus at Barrhead Central with one intermediate station at Potterhill. The line opened on 1 June 1886 as far as Potterhill, and trains ran initially from Glasgow St. Enoch to Potterhill. The line was extended to Barrhead Central on 1 October 1902. From that date a circular train service ran from Glasgow St. Enoch via the Paisley Canal line into Barrhead Central station, then reversed to a junction with the Glasgow, Kilmarnock & Barrhead Joint Railway and proceeded via Pollockshaws back to Glasgow St. Enoch. It is something of a mystery why anyone should ever have thought this would be a good idea. The circular service was withdrawn beyond Pollockshaws on 1 October 1907, and cut back to Barrhead Central in 1913 until the line closed to passengers altogether on 1 January 1917. Goods traffic was withdrawn and the line closed entirely on 2 March 1970.

Map of the Glasgow & South Western Railway's Barrhead Branch and of the circular service that operated between 1901 and 1907
An early view of Barrhead Central station
Clearing House Junction Diagram showing the junction of the Barrhead Branch with the Glasgow, Kilmarnock & Barrhead Joint Railway
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