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The Dumfries, Lochmaben & Lockerbie Junction Railway was incorporated on 14 June 1860 to construct a 14-mile line from Lockerbie on the West Coast Main Line to Dumfries. (The spelling Lockerby is used in an additional Act of 1861.) The engineers were B. & H. Blyth of Edinburgh. The company had an authorised capital of 85,000 with the option to borrow an additional 28,300. The line was to be worked by the Caledonian Railway and the London & North Western Railway was given running rights from Carlisle to Lockerbie and Dumfries. The line opened on 1 September 1863, and was absorbed by the Caledonian Railway on 5 July 1865. It was part of an attempt by the Caledonian Railway to obtain a foothold in Glasgow & South Western territory, although in the event the Caledonian had to put up with using the G&SWR station at Dumfries, where through trains from the Portpatrick Joint had to reverse. The original 42 ft. turntable at Lockerbie was replaced by a 60 ft. one in 1902. A serious accident took place at Lockerbie on 14 May 1883 when an express from Stranraer via Dumfries overran the signals and hit a stationary goods train, causing a goods truck to foul the main line. The Glasgow to Euston express plowed into the wreckage at 60 mph. with the result that the driver, fireman of the express and five passengers were killed. The driver of the Stranraer train was found guilty of culpable homicide. The line went into decline after the Grouping of 1923 and closed to passengers on 19 May 1952 and to goods on 18 April 1966.
Map showing the Dumfries, Lochmaben & Lockerbie Junction Railway and connections in 1906
Caledonian Railway 4-4-0 No. 126 designed by Benjamin Connor and built by Neilson & Co. in 1877. These were the first bogie locomotives on the Caledonian Railway
Caledonian Railway express double-headed by two 4-4-0 locomotives
J. F. McIntosh 4-4-0 No. 721 "Dunalistair" built at St. Rollox Works in 1896
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