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Italian Railways ETR 300 Class

The "ETR 300" Class, also known as Settebello, was a series of Italian fast 3,000V DC articulated electric multiple unit trains formerly operated by Ferrovie dello Stato (Italian State Railways). The trains were designed to have a very low profile, which helped to give them their aerodynamic low-drag characteristics, and also allowed the cab to be at the top, with a passenger observation deck below. The maximum speed was 125 mph, with a power output of 2600 kW. The 7-car units comprised four passenger cars, one dining and bar car, one kitchen car and one brake/baggage car. These units, introduced in 1952, were years ahead of their time. A video featuring the ETR 300 can be viewed here. For over thirty years the Settebello units ran between Milan, Naples and Rome until they were withdrawn from regular service in 1984.
"300" Class Settebello unit No. 302 at Mezzocorona. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
"300" Class Settebello unit No. 302 at Piacenza. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
Observation saloon of Settebello electric multiple unit
Another view of a Settebello unit
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