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John George Robinson, C.B.E. (1856-1943), was Locomotive Superintendent of the Waterford, Limerick & Western Railway from 1888 to 1900, before becoming Locomotive Superintendent of the Great Central Railway. The son of Matthew Robinson, Great Western Railway Divisional Superintendent at Chester and Bristol, J. G. Robinson apprenticed at Swindon in the 1870s before becoming the assistant to Henry Appleby, the Locomotive Superintendent of the Waterford & Limerick Railway in 1881, whom he succeeded in 1888 when the latter resigned owing to ill health.

While at the WL&WR he designed the following locomotives:

188893 type 0-6-0 WL&WR Nos.5-7;
188994 type 2-4-0 WL&WR Nos. 10, 22, 20, 23, 43-44 and 47-48;
1891 type 2-4-2T WL&R Nos. 13-14;
1892 type 0-4-2T WL&WR No. 3;
1893 type 0-6-0 WL&WR Nos. 45-46 and 49-50;
1894 type 0-4-4T WL&WR No. 15;
1895 type 0-4-4T WL&WR Nos. 51-52;
189697 type 4-4-2T WL&WR Nos. 16-18 and 21;
189697 type 4-4-0 WL&WR Nos. 53-55;
1897 type 0-6-0 WL&WR Nos. 56-58;
1899 type 0-4-4T WL&WR No. 27;
1900 type 0-6-0 WL&WR Nos. 2, 4 and 11.

J. G. Robinson in 1900, at the time when he resigned from the Waterford, Limerick & Western Railway to join the Great Central
2-4-2 radial tank No. 13 "Lough Derg," built to Robinson's design by the Vulcan Foundry in 1891
Robinson's 0-6-0 No. 2 built by Kitson & Co. in 1900. A further three 0-6-0 goods engines were being built by Kitson & Co. at the time the Waterford, Limerick & Western Railway merged with the GS&WR, but the order was canceled and the locomotives went to the rival Midland Great Western, where the they were so successful that Edward Cusack, the Locomotive Superintendent, adopted a number of features from them including the Belpaire firebox. They had 5' 2" driving wheels and 17" x 24" cylinders with a boiler pressure of 150 psi
Robinson 4-4-2T No. 16 "Rocklands," built 1896
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