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Why "Direct"? While not exactly a straight line, it was a reasonably direct line, but then the question is, Direct in contrast to what? After all, there was no other way of getting there ...

The Cork and Macroom Direct Railway was originally built as an independent 5 ft. 3 in. gauge branch from the Cork, Bandon & South Coast Railway from Ballyphelane to Macroom, opened on 12 May 1866, and using the CB&SCR's station at Albert Quay, Cork. They soon fell out with the CB&SCR and in 1879 built their own line into Cork Capwell, even going to the lengths of severing the link with the CB&SCR. The British goverment forced them to reinstate the link in 1914. After the Grouping of 1925 the Cork and Macroom Direct Railway became part of Great Southern Railways and the terminus reverted to Cork Albert Quay. The line closed to passenger traffic on 1 July 1935 and to goods traffic on 10 March 1947, and was abandoned and taken up after 1 December 1953.
Map of the Cork and Macroom Direct Railway in 1906
Opening of the Cork & Macroom Direct Railway 12 May 1866
5 ft. 1 in. 0-6-2T No. 5, designed by Maurice J. Reen, Locomotive Superintendent of the C&MDR, and built A. Barclay & Sons of Kilmarnock in 1904. The livery was black lined out in crimson and white
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