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The Grouping of the railways of the Republic of Ireland came about in two stages. First, in 1924 the major railways with the exception of the Dublin & South Eastern Railway agreed to amalgamate as the Great Southern Railway Company. In 1925 the Dublin & South Eastern Railway had second thoughts and decided to amalgamate with the others to form Great Southern Railways. The Great Northern Railway, which had lines in Northern Ireland as well as the Irish Republic was left straddling the border. Irish railways were nationalized as Coras Iompair Éiréann on 1 January 1945.
The zenith of Irish steam locomotive design, E. C. Bredin's 3-cylinder 6 ft. 7 inch "B-1a" Class 4-6-0 of 1939, by far the largest locomotives ever built in Ireland and probably also the most elegant
System Map of the Great Southern Railways c. 1930
The curiously old-fashioned badge of the Great Southern Railways
The tourist trade provided Great Southern Railways with much of their passanger traffic
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