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The Belfast & County Down Railway was incorporated by act of 20th June, 1846, to build a line from Belfast to Downpatrick, with branches to Holywood, Donaghadee, and Bangor; total, 44 miles. The branch to Holywood, 4 miles, was opened on 2nd August, 1848; from Belfast to Newtownards, 12 miles, on 6th May. 1850; from Comber to Ballynahinch, on 10th September. 1808, 13 miles; to Downpatrick, 9 miles, on 23rd March, 1859; and the line completed by the opening of the branch from Newtownards to Donaghadee, on 3rd June, 1861, 10 miles. Newcastle, 11 miles. Belfast, Holywood, and Bangor, 12 miles, making a total of 68 miles. In 1892 a 12-mile light railway from Downpatrick to Ardglass brought the final total to 80 miles. While on the whole a smartly run railway, the company failed to upgrade its passenger stock and even on nationalization the coaching stock consisted mostly of old six-wheelers. The company possessed 29 locomotives at nationalization, all but one of which was built by Beyer, Peacock & Co. The line's Engineers included John Godwin 1847-1857, George Parnall Culverwell 1896-1919 and R. G. Miller 1919-, who had formerly been Locomotive Superintendent. The General Managers were J.Broughton 1846-1863, T.C.Haines 1863-1875, J.Barber 1875-1884, J.Medley 1884-1885, J.Tatlow 1885-1917, C.A.Moore 1917-1936, and W.F.Minnis 1936-1948. Locomotive Superintendents included T.Firth 1854-1865, C.Domeville 1865-1885, and R.G.Miller 1885-1919.
Map of the Belfast & County Down Railway in 1906
No. 25 was one of four large 4-6-4 tanks built for the B&CDR by Beyer, Peacock in 1920. They proved to be ridiculously large for the moderate traffic of the line. The locomotive is shown here in the B&CDR livery of dark olive green lined out in red and white
BC&DR 2-cylinder compound No. 24, one of three locomotives built under R. G. Miller's superintendence by Beyer, Peacock & Co. in 1893, using the von Borries principle of compounding.
Belpaire 6-coupled goods engine No. 14 built by Beyer, Peacock in 1904
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