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Royal Hanoverian State Railways
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The crowns of Great Britain were united on the accession of King George I in 1714. On the death of William IV, however, the laws of the Kingdom of Hanover did not allow a woman to be head of state, so on the accession of Queen Victoria in 1837 the Kingdom of Hanover was separated from Great Britain. The Kingdom only lasted another 29 years, since Hanover was annexed by Bismarck in 1866. As the railways were unable to obtain sufficient funding from corporate sources, it was necessary to form a state railway system. The first section of line, about 12 miles long, was opened between Hanover and Lehrte on 22 October 1843. The earliest system was in the form of a cross, and was therefore called the Kreuzbahn. To this was added the Bremen Railway, jointly owned by the states of Hanover and Bremen, and strongly opposed by Prussia. Other lines were the Hanoverian Southern Railway, the Hanoverian Western Railway and the Bremen-Bremerhaven line. In 1864 Lauenburg-Hohnstorf Elbe Ferry Company provided a linke between the Luneburg to Hohnstorf line and the Berlin-Hamburg Railway's Lauenberg to Buchen line. The Royal Hanoverian State Railways also owned the Vienenburg to Goslar Railway line, but it was worked by the Duchy of Brunswick State Railway. Following the annexation of Hanover by Bismarck's Prussia, the Royal Hanoverian State Railways were merged with Prussian State Railways on 15 December 1866.
A map of the Royal Hanoverian State Railways and connections in neighboring states, 1855
State coach from King GeorgeV of Hanover's royal train, 1854
Hanover Railway Station, 1858
2-2-2 locomotive "Ernst August", supplied to the Royal Hanoverian State Railways by Georg Egestorff in 1846
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