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La ligne de Sceaux
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La ligne de Sceaux was a 16-mile railway running from the center of Paris to the southern suburbs. It was engineered by Jean-Claude Républicain Arnoux (1792-1866), who adopted a 5 ft. 6 in. (1,675 mm) gauge and a novel system of articulated multiple-wheeled locomotives and carriages enabling the use of very sharp curves. The line opened on 6 June 1846. In 1889 an extension was made to an underground station in the very heart of Paris, making the line highly desirable as a suburban line and attracting the attention of the Paris Métro, who purchased and electrified the line in 1937. They nevertheless retained the original broad gauge until the line was incorporated into part of the Réseau Express Régional in 1977. The Arnoux system was also used on La ligne d'Orsay, of which M. Arnoux was also the engineer.
Nineteenth-century woodcut of a train operating on Arnoux's system. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
2-4-2 tank locomotive constructed by Anjubault of Paris for La ligne de Sceaux in 1855 and shown here as modified for and running as No. 8 on La ligne d'Orsay in 1867. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
Sceaux-Ceinture station in around 1905. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
The Gare de Seaux in Paris in 1904. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
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