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André Chapelon
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André Xavier Chapelon (1892-1978) was perhaps the greatest steam locomotive engineer of the twentieth century. His first great achievement was the invention in collaboration with the Finnish locomotive engineer Kyösti Kylälä of the Kyl-Chap exhaust, which among other things made possible Mallard's record-breaking run of 1938 on the LNER. In 1934 Chapelon was appointed Chevalier of the Legion of Honour. His finest works, however, were the 240P, 242A1 and 160A1 Classes, built for SNCF after nationalization in 1938. Combining compounding with high steam pressures of 280 psi, as well as excellent boiler design, Chapelon was able to design the most thermally efficient steam locomotives ever built.
Chapelon's 240P 4-8-0, built in 1940. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
Official photograph of Chapelon's 242A1 Class 4-8-4, built 1950
André Chapelon (1892-1978)
Chapelon's amazing experimental six-cylinder compound 2-12-0 160A1 Class of 1940. After passing through the two high pressure cylinders the steam was reheated and resuperheated before passing through the four low pressure cylinders
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