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Estonian Railways
The railways of Estonia were built in Russian colonial days to the Russian gauge of 5 ft. 0 in. Estonian Railways comprise two principal groups -- the state Eesti Raudtee (Estonian State Railways) and the private Edelaraudtee. There is a shortline called Haarpsalu Raudtee which runs from Riisipere to the seaside resort of Haarpsalu, and has been run as a private freight line since being abandoned by Eesti Raudtree. There are also a couple of privately owned industrial lines, the Põlevkivi Raudtee (Oil Shale Railway), owned by Eesti Energia, and the Rakvere–Kunda line, owned by Kunda Transportation. A daily overnight train between Tallinn and Moscow is operated by GoRail, and there are three trains daily between Valga, Estonia and Riga, Latvia. A new 4' ft. 8½ in. high speed rail line from Tallinn to Warsaw, Poland via Riga, Latvia is planned for 2020.
Map of the principal railways of Estonia in 2009. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
The preserved station and Estonian Railway Museum at Haarpsalu with Russian-built 2-10-0 freight locomotive No. A 16.46 on display. Image courtesy of Wikitravel
Postcard view of Tallinn (then called by its German name of Reval) showing the freight and passenger rail stations in c. 1895. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
Electric suburban train at Tallinn shortly after opening in 1924. The Tallinn Suburban Railway is operated by the Estonian firm Elektriraudtee
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