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The "M290" Class, also known as the Slovenská strela (Slovak Arrow), were two high speed streamlined diesel railcars that operated between Prague and Bratislava before World War II. My father, who visited Prague in 1937, recalled seeing them and found them most impressive. They were obviously inspired by the Great Western Railway's streamlined railcars, but were rather longer and seated 72 passengers, arranged in both smoking and non-smoking compartments and equipped with a buffet. The two units M290.001 and M290.002 were built by the automotive firm Tatra under the superintendence engineer Josef Sousedík. Each railcar was equipped with two 165 h.p. Tatra T67 engines.Designed for a top speed of 80 mph, they actually ran under test at speeds of up to 92 mph. The Slovenská strela was introduced on the Prague to Bratislava route on 13 July 1936. At first time for the Prague to Bratislava service was 4 hours 51 minutes, an average speed of 51 mph. It was later possible to reduce this 4 hours 18 minutes, an average speed of 53 mph. This was a remarkable achievement in its day; the average speed of trains over this route today is 55 mph. Railcar No. M290.001 has been preserved in the Museum of Technology in Kopřivnice.
Side view of an M290 railcar. Note the unusually long wheelbase
Railcar No. M290.001 outside the station at Bratislava in 1936
ČSD advertisement for the Slovenská strela
Railcar No. M290.002 at Prague in 1936
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