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The railways in the Czech Republic and Slovakia developed under the Austro-Hungarian Empire before World War I, and later under Czech State Railways (ČSD). These web pages of necessity tend to blur the historical borders.
Map showing the railways of Czechoslovakia in 1930. Image courtesy of Probert Encyclopaedia.
Prague's striking Art Nouveau central railway station is named in honor of U.S. President Woodrow Wilson who helped to win independence for Czechoslovakia in World War I. The statue of Woodrow Wilson on the right of the picture was unfortunately destroyed by the Nazis in World War II
Austrian State Railways "Jupiter" Class 2-4-0 locomotive "Olomucia" built by Lokomotivfabrik Sigl in Vienna in 1861, typical of the locomotives that operated around Prague in the late nineteenth century. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
Preserved ČSD Class "486" 4-8-2 locomotive No. 486.007 in Bratislava-Vychod station 2006. Photograph Rainerhaufe, licensed for distribution under this GNU Free Documentation License
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