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The White Pass and Yukon Route is a 3 ft. 0 in. gauge railway that runs from Whitehorse, British Columbia, Canada across the White Pass Summit to Skagway, Alaska in the United States. The line was authorized in 1897, and construction began in May 1898. Train service commenced on 1 August 1900. It had originally been intended to extend the line to the north, but by 1900 the Yukon Gold Rush had largely subsided, so these plans were abandoned. The line is now a successful tourist attraction, as well as serving the local population. There might be something to be said for extending it southwest into Alaska, perhaps to Juneau on the coast, or southeast to join up with the rest of the Canadian rail system. Meanwhile, videos of the White Pass may be seen here and here, here; and here is one of the rotary snow plow at work!
Map of the White Pass & Yukon Route
Stereotype of a train at White Pass Summit in around 1900. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
Passenger train on a trestle near White Pass Summit around the time of the opening of the line in 1900
White Pass & Yukon Route passenger train passing Bennett Lake in around 1920. Image courtesy of the Library of Congress
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