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William Hayes, Diapason Movement in C
This well-known Diapason Movement exists in a number of sources and its composer has generally speaking been considered to be unknown, although it has sometimes erroneously been attributed to Handel. It exists anonymously, for example, as the first movement of Voluntary 33 in the Southgate MS in the Library of the Royal College of Organists in London. Barbara Owen reproduced it in her anthology Four Centuries of English Organ Music from a source that ascribed it to William Hayes. My own source, which was page 62 of Schneider's Practical Organ School (Boston, 1851), by Wilhelm Schneider (1783-1843), also attributes the piece to "Dr. Wm. Hayes." This seems to me a very plausible attribution.

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William Hayes, Mus.Doc. (1708-1777), Heather Professor of Music in the University of Oxford, from a portrait by J. Cornish, 1749. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
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