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Eymieu, Toccata
Henri Marie Pierre Eymieu (1860-1931) studied composition under Charles-Marie Widor and organ under Fernand de la Tombelle at the Paris Conservatoire. He was Director of the Société de musique moderne in Paris and a renowned conductor. He left several pieces of organ music of which his Carillon is the best known. So far as the Toccata is concerned, the original two-stave edition is appalling. It includes numerous bars in which the note values do not add up, and I believe that I have managed to fix these in my edition. Bar 36 defeated my software; though I have the correct note values, the parts do not line up. I am sorry about this. Furthermore, I am a little sceptical of the tempi. While I have reproduced the tempi of the original, I think that the allegro sections might be taken somewhat faster, and other sections somewhat slower.

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