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Jean Vogt, Nachtgesang
The composer and pianist Jean Vogt was born in Eberswolde, Germany in 1823 and died at Grosstinz, Germany in 1888. He was a Professor at the Stern Conservatory. His music is interesting in being nearer to French romantic composers like Franck than to most German romantics. The second of his Nachtgesangs was transcribed for organ by both S. P. Warren and B. M. Davison. This version is taken from the edition prepared by Banks M. Davison (fl. 1877-1900), published in 1879. Davison was Vice-President of the Boston music publishers White, Smith & Co. and was also successively organist of Firth Methodist Episcopal Church, Fitchburg, Massachusetts; First Unitarian Church, Lynn, Massachusetts; and Phillips Congregational Church, South Boston, Massachusetts.

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Phillips Congregational Church, Broadway, South Boston,
Massachusetts. The church was named in honor of the early New
England Congregationalist, the Rev. George Phillips (1593-1661)
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