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Hugh Blair, Melody in C major
Hugh Blair, M.A., Mus.Doc. (1864-1932) was educated at Cambridge University and following a stint as acting organist became organist of Worcester Cathedral in 1895. There he was a close friend of Elgar, who dedicated his cantata The Black Knight to him, and wrote his Organ Sonata for Blair to perform for a group of visiting American organists. Sadly, in 1897 the Dean came into the cathedral and found Blair in a drunken stupor, seated on the keyboard and trying to play the organ bench. He was promptly dismissed. He then moved to London and was fortunate to obtain a position as organist of Holy Trinity, Marylebone and conductor to Battersea Borough Council. He also conducted the London Church Orchestral Society. He published his Melody in C major in 1901.

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Hugh Blair, M.A., Mus.Doc. (1864-1932)
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