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The organ of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Vergennes VT is E. & G. G. Hook of Boston's Opus 306 of 1862, originally built for Grace Episcopal Church, Medford, Massachusetts. The instrument was on the itinerary of the 2013 Organ Historical Society Convention. The stoplist is as follows:

Manual: C - g3, 56 notes (enclosed)

8' Open Diapason (TC)
8' Dulciana (TC)
8' St'd Diapason Treble (TC)
8' St'd Diapason Bass (12 pipes)
4' Principal Treble (TF)
4' Principal Bass (17 pipes)
2' Flageolette
8' Hautboy (TC)

Pedal: C - c0, 13 notes

16' Sub Bass

Pedal Coupler

Bellows Signal (now Tremolo) Blank Knob (now Blower Switch)

St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Vergennes, Vermont
E. & G.G. Hook Op. 306 of 1862. This was originally at Medford, Mass., where the Rev. Charles L. Hutchins, a famous church musician, was later Rector
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