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In 2009-10 Cornell University replaced their Wolff organ in the Anabel Taylor Chapel with a replica Schnitger organ built in collaboration with GOArt at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. This collaborative effort was overseen by Munetaka Yokota, and was the result of cooperation between workers from GOArt, Parsons Pipe Organs. CCSN Woodworking of Ithaca was responsible for the case. The organ is a copy of the Schnitger organ in the Court Chapel at Charlottenburg, built in 1706 and unfortunately destroyed in World War II. Fortunately every aspect of it had been painstakingly catalogued by Karl Schucker. The case was based on the instrument at Claustahl-Zellerfeld and the mechanism on several North German Schnitger organs. However, the tonal design of the Charlottenburg organ was' unusual in being, unlike other Schnitger organs, designed primarily for the performance of music of the Gallant school. Thus, for example, it has 8' Principals on both manuals, Lieblich Flutes and a 4' string stop. It is a pity that the 2' Cornet is prepared for, as these were more characteristic of Schnitger organs than the added 4' Trommet on the Pedal.

MANVAL C, D-d3, 50 notes

16' Quintadena*
8' Prinzipal
8' Floit Dves
8' Gedact
4' Oktav
4' Viol de Gamb
4' Spitzfloit*
3' Nassat
2' Svper Oktav
Mixtvr V-VI
8' Trommet*
8' Vox Hvmana

Rvckwerk C, D-d3, 50 notes

8' Principal 8' Gedact Lieblich
4' Octav
4' Floit Dues
2' Octav
Septqvialt II
Scharff III
8' Hoboy

Pedal C, D-d1, 26 notes

16' Principal
8' Oktav
4' Oktav
2' Nachthorn
Ravschpfeif II
Mixtur VI
16' Posavnen
2'Cornet (prepared for)

2 Sperrventile

*Additions to original Charlottenburg scheme.

The Baroque Organ, Anabel Taylor Chapel, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
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