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Grace Episcopal Church, Sheldon VT is the home of a Henry Erben of circa 1837 that was the original organ in St. Paul's Episcopal Church (now Cathedral) in Burlington, Vermont. The first organist was the Bishop's son, John Henry Hopkins, Jr., who later achieved fame as the author of the text and tune of "We three kings of orient are." The instrument was on the itinerary of the 2013 Organ Historical Society Convention. The stoplist is as follows:

Manual: GG ()no GG#) - f3, 58 notes

8' Opn. Diapason Swell (TF)
8' Opn. Diapason Bass (C, 17 pipes)
8' Dulciano Swell (TF)
8' Stopd. Diapason Swell (TF)
8' Stopd. Diapason Bass (GG, 21 pipes)
4' Principal Swell (TF)
4' Principal Bass (GG, 21 pipes)
4' Flute Swell (TF)
4' Flute Bass (GG, 21 pipes) 2' Fifteenth Swell (TF)
2' Fifteenth Bass (GG, 21 pipes)
Cornet Swell (111 pipes)
8' Trumpet Swell (TF)

Pedal: GG - G (no GG#), 12 notes

No pipes, permanently coupled

Bellows signal Machine pedal operating Principal, Flute & Fifteenth

Grace Episcopal Church, Sheldon, Vermont
Erben organ, Grace Church, Sheldon
Close-up of the Pedal board
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