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The Round Church, Richmond, Vermont

The hexadecagonal "Round Church" in Richmond, Vermont was built in 1813 and contains an organ parts of which at least are from the same period. The wooden pipes, keyboard and chest appear to come from an organ, perhaps of Pennsylvania make, dating from the first quarter of the nineteenth century. The casework is mostly twentieth century. We visited this delightful little organ at the 2013 Organ Historical Society Convention The stoplist is as follows:


Keyboard: GG, C, A, D - f3, 55 notes

Pipework: C - f3, 54 notes

[8' Treble] (d# up, 39 pipes)
[4' Bass] (C-d, 15 pipes)
[4' ----] (54 pipes)

The hexadecagonal Round Church in Richmond, Vermont
The early nineteenth-century short G-compass keyboard of the organ in the Round Church. The original maker's name was unfortunately sanded off from the oval plate
The Round Church organ viewed from the gallery above. Note the two holes in the C-side tower, suggesting that the instrument was still G-compass when the present casework was built
The organ in the Round Church showing the mostly twentieth-century casework
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