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The organ at the Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit in Missoula is probably the finest organ in the State of Montana and is a good example of what can be accomplished on a relatively limited budget. It incorporates much of the pipework from the previous Austin Organ (Op. 608 of 1915). The instrument was built in 1999 by Bond Organ Builders of Portland, Oregon (Op. 27), in consultation with Dr. Nancy Cooper, Holy Spirit Parish's Director of Music. The organ has mechanical key and stop action. The facade pipes are copper, in keeping with Montana's tradition of copper mining.

Great:C-g3, 56 notes
8' Principal
8' Chimney Flute
4' Octave
2' Fifteenth
IV Rks. Mixture
8' Trumpet

Swell:C-g3, 56 notes, enclosed
8' Stopped Flute
8' Viola
8' Voix Celeste
4' Spindle Flute
22/3' Nazard
2' Principal
13/5' Tierce
8' Oboe

Pedal:C-g1, 32 notes
16' Subbass
16' Bourdon*
8' Open Bass
8' Bourdon*
4' Choral Bass
16' Trombone*
8' Trumpet*

Couplers (hitch down):
Swell to Great
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal

* prepared-for stops
The prepared-for Pedal Trombone and Trumpet were added in 2014, and here is a video of their inauguration

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