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St. Josaphat was a seventeenth-century Uniate Archbishop in Russia who was killed by the Russians for trying to convert the Orthodox to Catholicism. It is easy to see why such a martyr to the Russians might have appealed to the Poles when they were under Russian colonial rule. The present building of St. Josaphat's Polish Roman Catholic Church, Chicago, was built between 1900 and 1902 and originally had an organ by the Wisconsin Pipe Organ Co. The Kilgen firm of St. Louis replaced this in 1924, and the Kilgen organ still remains in the west gallery, though in pretty well unplayable condition. The church now uses an organ by the Johnson Organ Co., of Westfield, Massachusetts, Op. 386 of 1872. This is the oldest organ in Chicago, constructed just after the Great Fire, and was originally in the Oriental Lodge, F. & M., of Chicago. It was subsequently moved to Mayfair United Methodist Church, and then installed in St. Josaphat's Church by the Bradford Organ Co. of Chicago in 2006. It awaits the completion of its casework when funds become available. I was fortunate to be able to visit this delightful instrument during the 2012 Organ Historical Society Convention.

Stop List

Great C-a3, 58 notes:
8' Open Diap.
(58 pipes, metal) 8' Melodia TC (46 pipes, wood)
8' Unison Bass (12 pipes, wood)
8' Dulciana TC (46 pipes, metal)
4' Octave (58 pipes, metal)
4' Flute d' Amour (58 pipes, wood & metal)
22/3' Twelfth (58 pipes, metal)
2' Fifteenth (58 pipes, metal) 8' Clarionet TC (46 pipes, metal)

Swell C-a3, 58 notes (enclosed):
8' Open Diap. TC (46 pipes, metal)
8' Stop'd Diap TC (46 pipes, wood & metal)
8' Stop'd Diap. Bass (12 pipes, wood)
8' Dolce TC (46 pipes, metal)
4' Fugara (58 pipes, metal)
8' Oboe & Bassoon (58 pipes, metal)

Pedal C-d1, 27 notes:
16' Bourdon (27 pipes, wood)

Gr. to Ped.
Sw. to Ped.
Sw. to Gr.

Composition Pedals (single acting):
Piano Great
Forte Great

Pedal Check
Blower's Signal
Balanced Swell Pedal

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