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A photograph in the Golden Jubilee Volumes of the Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church of Detroit, Michigan. Published by Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church Committee on Press and Printing, June 1904, p. 55, shows the appearance of the organ in about 1886 in the Church’s original building. This was an instrument by the Boston firm of Simmons & Fisher, and was dedicated on 14 December 1855. The firm of Simmons & Fisher, 1 Charles Street, Boston, was according to Dwight’s Journal of Music a partnership created on 1 October 1855 by William Benjamin Dearborn Simmons (1823-1876) and George Fisher (1820-1898), who on 30 March 1859 became the owner of the Cambridge Chronicle. The Simmons & Fisher organ lasted until 1892, when it was replaced by Roosevelt Op. 501 in a new building, which, in turn was replaced by the Skinner organ in the present building.
1855 Simmons & Fisher organ in Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church, Detroit
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