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Immanuel's UCC, Holstein, near Marthasville, Missouri

It is very rare these days to find a small church that really cares about its historic pipe organ. The 1905 tracker organ at Immanuel's UCC in Holstein is a particularly nicely voiced two-manual instrument by the Hinners Organ Company of Pekin, Illinois, and has been meticulously maintained throughout its more than a century of life by the congregation. The church is a charming Victorian gothic brick building with an elegant spire, set in beautiful countryside between Washington and Warrenton, about 40 miles west of St. Louis. The stoplist is as follows:

Great: C-c4, 61 notes

8' Open Diapason 61, 1-27 in facade
8' Dulciana 61
8' Melodia 61
4' Principal 61
4' Flute d Amour 61

Swell: C-c4, 61 notes, enclosed

8' Violin Diapason 61, 1-16 unenclosed in facade,
8' Salicional 49, 1-12 grooved to Lieblich Gedackt
8' Lieblich Gedackt 61
8' Oboe Gamba TC 49
4' Flute 61
Swell Tremulant

Pedal: C-d1, 27 notes

16' Bourdon 27


Pedal to Great [=Great to Pedal]
Pedal to Swell [=Swell to Pedal]
Great to Swell [=Swell to Great]
Sw. Oct to Great
Composition Pedals:

Great Organ Forte
Great Organ Piano

Balanced Swell Expression Pedal
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