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Oliver Holden's Organ

Oliver Holden (1765-1844) was a Boston carpenter, politician and church musician who composed a number of well-known hymn tunes. His organ was given to the Bostonian Society by his granddaughter, Mrs. Frances A. Tyler, in 1889. The instrument now stands in the Old State House. It was built by the German-born organ builder George Astor, who operated in London between 1798 and 1815. The majority of George Astor's surviving instruments are in America, which is not surprising since the American millionaire John Jacob Astor (1763-1848) was his younger brother.

Stop list:

Manual C, D to f 3 (53 notes):

Stop Diapason Bass
Open Diapason Treble
Stop Diapason Treble

Oliver Holden's organ in the Old Boston State House. Image copright Boston Public Library's Photostream and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons License

Oliver Holden (1765-1884) in a portrait by John Christian Rauschner (b. 1760). Holden is best known today for his hymn tune "Coronation," sung to "All hail the power of Jesus' Name." Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
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