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Ernest Desmarais (1860-1892)was a Montreal builder who later moved to Vermont. His instrument at Holy Guardian Angels Roman Catholic Church in St. Alban's, Vermont was built in 1892 and is thought to be his last surviving instrument. The instrument was one of those visited on the 2013 Organ Historical Society Convention. The slightly idiosyncratic action is a little on the heavy side, and it seems that M. Desmarais was a little inexperienced at action design. The stop list is as follows:

Grand-orgue: C - c 4, 61 notes

8' Montre
8' Dulciane
8' Melodia
4' Principal
4' Flute Harmonique
2' Doublette
IIIrks. Fourniture
8' Trompette

Recit: C - c 4, 61 notes (enclosed)

8' Cor Principal (lowest 4 unenclosed)
8' Gamba
8' Flute Clarabelle (TC, bass grooved to Bourdon)
8' Bourdon
4' Violon
2' Flutino
8' Hautbois et Basson

Pedale: C - d 1, 27 notes

16' Sous Bass (open wood)
16' Bourdon
8' Violoncelle


Grand-orgue et Recit
Ped. au Grand-orgue
Ped. au Recit

Unlabeled composition to Grand-orgue -- Piano, Mezzo & Forte

Other organs built by Desmarais included:
Église de Saint-Henri, 219-A, rue Commericale, Saint-Henri-de-Lévis, Québec, 1884
Église de Saint-Charles , 2815-A, av. Royale, Saint-Charles-de-Bellechasse, Québec, 1884
Église Saint-Michel Sillery,1600 rue du Cardinal-Persico, Québec, Québec, 1885
The last of these instruments was replaced by a new Casavant organ in 1930, but the Desmarais case seems to have been retained.
1892 Ernest Desmarais organ, Holy Guardian Angels Roman Catholic Church, St. Alban's, Vermont
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