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As part of the Eastman Rochester Organ Initiative (EROI), a replica has been built at Christ Episcopal Church in Rochester of the 1776 Adam Gottlob Casparini organ in the Church of the Holy Ghost, Vilnius, Lithuania. This is one of the most interesting projects I have seen lately. The Craighead-Saunders Memorial Organ was built by the Göteborg Organ Art Center (GOArt) in Sweden. The stop list includes a 16 ft. Dulzian not found in the original instrument, corresponding to a blank slide on the Vilnius organ:

Manual I: C-d3
8 ft. Principal
8 ft. Borduna
8 ft. Hohlflaut
8 ft. Quintathon
4 ft. Octava Principal
4 ft. Flaut Travers
3 ft. Quinta
2' Super Octava
2 ft. Flach Flöt
13/5ft. Tertia
Mixtura IV-V Rks.
8 ft. Trompet

Manual II: C-d3
8 ft. Principal Amalel
8 ft. Unda Maris
8 ft. Flaut Major
8ft. Iula (Spitz Flöte)
4 ft. Principal
4 ft. Spiel Flöt
4 ft. Flaut Minor
2 ft. Octava
2 ft. Wald Flöte
Mixtur IV Rks.
16 ft. Dulcian
8 ft. Vox Humana

Pedal: C-d1
16 ft. Principal Bass
16 ft. Violon Bass
12 ft. Full Bass
8 ft. Octava Bass
8 ft. + 6 ft. Flaut & Quint Bass
4 ft. Super Octava Bass
16 ft. Posaun Bass
8 ft. Trompet Bass

Two Tremulants
II/I shove coupler
I/P coupler (added)
Vox Campanorum (Glockenspiel)
Drum Stop

Pitch: A4=465Hz
Temperament: Modified Neidhart 1732.

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