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The Church of St. Thomas the Apostle in St. Thomas, Missouri, contains a rare treat. It is the home of a one-manual-and-pedal organ built by J. G. Pfeffer & Son of St. Louis in 1897, and housed in a beautiful gothic case. Through the efforts of the Parish Priest, Fr. Jeremy Secrist, it has happily been restored by Michael Quimby. A video of the instrument made by the Organ Media Foundation, may be seen here.The stop-list is as follows:

Manual: unenclosed, C-a3,58 notes
8' Open Diapason - 58 pipes
8' Stopped Diapason - 58 pipes
8' Gamba - 49 pipes (1-12 from Stopped Diapason)
8' Dulciana - 58 pipes
4' Rohrflute - 58 pipes
4' Octave - 58 pipes
2 2/3' Twelfth - 58 pipes
2' Fifteenth - 58 pipes

Pedal: C-c1, 25 notes
16' Subbass - 25 pipes

Pedal coupler
Bellows signal

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