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Zion Lutheran Church, Spring City, Pennsylvania

In 1790 a committee was appointed to interview Mr. David Tannenberg of Lititz as to the probable cost of a pipe organ with six registers. The cost of an organ such as planned was 150 pounds. This price was satisfactory to the members of the congregation. Mr. Tannenberg was designated as the builder of this organ. On October 9th. 1791, the new organ was dedicated with appropriate services to the service of God and used for the first time. "This day," read the Church Records, "next to the day when the church was consecrated, was the most eventful in the history of the congregation." The pastor of the neighboring German Reformed Church assisted the pastor of Zion Lutheran Church, Rev. Ludwig Voigt, at the dedication service. The fact that Zion's Church now possessed a pipe organ, "which was without doubt the first of its kind in all the length and breadth of Chester County," was a matter known far and near. Zion's Church on account of the new organ received the appellation of "Organ Church." Charles Frederick Dapp, History of Zion's or Old Organ Church (Spring City, Pa., 1919), pp. 45f.


Manual: C-d3, 51 notes
8' Principal Dulcis
8' Gedackt
4' Octav
4' Flute
3' Quint
2' Super Octave

A new two manual and pedal organ was purchased from Bates & Culley of Philadelphia in 1912, and this was itself replaced by an electronic substitute. The Tannenberg organ, however, remains happily preserved in the church, and is occasionally used in services.
The 1791 Tannenberg organ at Zion Lutheran Church, Spring City, Pennsylvania in around 1900, at which time the casework was wood-grained to match the woodwork of the new church
Zion Church, Spring City, as it appeared between 1774 and 1861
Subscription List for the Spring City Tannenberg organ dated 21 July 1790
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