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1775 Tannenberg Organ

The only known photograph (from a church history published in 1904) of the organ David Tannenberg built for St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1775 at a cost of 50. It was sold to First Reformed Church (U.C.C.), Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1798, for use in their Sunday School Room. Around World War I the pipework was removed and put in storage in a garage, and the case converted to a bookcase which still exists in the basement of the church. The pipework was unfortunately thrown away by an over-zealous Boy Scout troop, who were "tidying" the garage in 1957.

The instrument is though to have been a typical Tannenberg 4-stop ogan comprising:

Manual: C-d3
8' Gedackt
8' Gambe
4' Flaut
2' Principal

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