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1770 Tannenberg Organ

Zion Moselem Lutheran Church, Kutztown, Pennsylvania

David Tannenberg's 1770 instrument at Zion Moselem Lutheran Church near Kutztown, Pennsylvania is both the oldest organ in a Lutheran Church in the western hemisphere and the oldest surviving organ to have been constructed in North America.

The organ has a solid black walnut case, which had unfortunately been painted white since Joseph Chapline "restored" the instrument in 1974. Other surviving Tannenberg cases are of pine. The instrument was happily restored to its original condition by R. J. Brunner & Co. in 2010-2011, including reconstituting the original winding system and stripping the casework to its original walnut. The rededicatory organ recital was given by Philip T. D. Cooper, Organist of Lititz Moravian Church where Tannenberg was a member, on October 2nd., 2011.

The stop list is as follows:

Manual: C-d3, 51 notes

8' Principal
8' Flaut Major
4' Octav
4' Floet
3' Quint
2' Sub [sic.] Octav
13/5' Terz
II Mixtur

The photographs show the organ in 1990 and 1880.

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