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Musée de l' Amérique française, Québec

The first organ for the catholic cathedral in Québec (Quebec City) was built by Robert Richard of Paris and installed in 1753. It was unfortunately destroyed in 1759 during the siege of Québec by the British forces under General Wolfe. Richard built spinets and harpsichords, including one for Claude Balbastre, as well as organs. He was a most ingenious craftsman, who in 1770 exhibited a Concert mécanique consisting of an automaton harpsichordist, violinist and violist.

The idea of re-creating the instrument in the chapel of the Musée de l' Amérique française originated with the distinguished organist Kenneth Gilbert, but took several years to come to fruition. The replica organ, built by Juget-Sinclair Organbuilders of Montreal (Op. 35) was installed in the summer of 2009.

Videos and descriptions of the organ may be seen here. Videos showing the winding system may be seen here and here.
More pictures here.

Manual C, D-e3, 52 notes

8' Bourdon *
4' Montre *
4' Flute à cheminée *
22/3' Nazard *
2' Doublette *
13/5' Tierce *
Fourniture III
Cimbale III
8' Cromhorne *
8' Trompette *
Tremblant doux
Tremblant fort

Pedal C, D-d1, 14 notes, pull-down

* Stops divided at c'/c#'

Casework in white oak. Hand carved pipe shades. Suspended key action
Naturals in cow bone; Sharps in ebony
18thC French style pedalboard in oak
Two multi-fold wedge bellow beside the organ. Bellows can be pumped manually or by means of an automated pumping system
Pitch: A=392Hz
Meantone temperament with 8 pure thirds
Hand carving by Mathieu Patoine, sculptor in Val-David
Trompette and Cromhorne pipes by Voix Humaine
Case of the Juget-Sinclair replica of Richard's Québec organ of 1753
Pedalboard of the replica Richard organ
John Speller playing the replica 1753 Richard organ
Carved corbel on the casework of the replica Richard organ
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