Pipe Organs
Spanning the Atlantic:

The organ at St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church in Taneytown (pronounced Tawneytown), Maryland was built for St. Paul's Episcipal Church, Baltimore, Maryland in 1804. Its builder was George Pike England of London. In 1876 it was relocated to Taneytown by Henry Niemann of Baltimore, who retained only the case and fa´┐Żade pipes. The center of the case was probably originally surmounted by a carved lyre, which seems to have fallen off at some point. A typical G. P. England organ of the period might have been:

Manual :
GG, AA-f 3 , 58 notes

Open Diapason (treble)
Stopt Diapason (treble)
Dulciana (treble)
Stopt Bass
Sesquialtra Bass III
Cornet Treble III