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Bryng us in good ale
A very ancient wassailing song, dating from about the middle of the fifteenth century.

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A somewhat later Yorkshire variant of this wassailing song had the following words:

Brynge us home good ale, syr, bring us home good ale;
And for our der lady, lady love, brynge us som good ale.

Brynge us home no beff, syr, for that is full of bonys,
But brynge home good ale ynough, for that my love alone ye:

Brynge us home no wetyn brede, for yt be ful of branne;
Nother of no ry brede, for yt is of yt same;

Brynge us home no porke, syr, for yt is verie fatt;
Nothyr no barly brede, for neyther love I that;

Brynge us home no muton, for that is tough and lene;
Nethyr no trype, for thei be seldyn clene;

Brynge us home no veell, syr, that I do not desyr;
But brynge us home good ale ynough to drynke by ye fyer;

Brynge us home no syder, nor no palde wyne;
For and yu do thow shalt have Criste's curse and mine

The mid-fifteenth-century chapel of All Souls' College, Oxford, one of the three famous educational institutions founded by King Henry VI -- the other two being Eton College and King's College, Cambridge
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