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Those eternal bowers (Elizabeth Mary Raymond-Barker)
Elizabeth Mary Agnes Hackett was born in Leicester in 1829. She married the Rev. Frederick Mills Raymond-Barker (1815-1892), an 1843 graduate of Oriel College, Oxford. He purchased Bisley Manor near Stroud in Gloucestershire in 1854, but in 1867 both the Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond-Barker were received into the Church of Rome. Elizabeth Mary Agnes Hackett Raymond-Barker wrote the tune "St. John Damascene," for St. John of Damascene's hymn, "Those eternal bowers," which was translated into English by the Rev. John Mason Neale in 1862. Mrs. Raymond-Barker died in Hayward's Heath, Sussex, in 1916.

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St. John of Damascus (d. 749)
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