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Ostera, Spirit of Spring-Time
Mrs. Frances Laughton Mace was the wife of lawyer Benjamin Mace, who worked successively in Massachusetts and California. A well-known literary figure of her day, she was immensely learned and was steeped in both the Anglican and Classical traditions. This probably explains the unusual, if not unique, reference to Ostera/Ostara/Oestre/Eostre the Saxon goddess of Spring, from whom the name Easter is derived. The Rev. Charles Lewis Hutchins, D.D. (1838-1920), Rector of Medford, Massachusetts, included Mrs. Mace's carol in his collection Carols Old and Carols New.

The order is not very clear in the original, but I think you are meant to sing verse 1, followed by the tenor and soprano solos, and then conclude with verse 2.

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Mrs. Frances Laughton Mace (1836-1899)
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