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What will the harvest be?
The author of the text, Emily Sullivan Oakey (1829-1883) was educated at the Albany Female Academy in Albany, New York, where she was later one of the faculty teaching Rhetoric and Composition. It is said she never enjoyed a single day of good health in her entire life of fifty-four years, but at the school she was beloved of students and faculty alike. Her poem "What will the harvest be?" was originally published in 1850 in a newspaper on the west coast. She published a book of Dialogues and Conversations Designed for the Use of Schools (New York, 1879), which suggests that she was a delightful and humorous teacher who took great pains to make her subject interesting to her students. She also published a book of poetry, At the Feet of Parnassus (Albany, 1883), where this text was reprinted. It was a source of some distress to the author that a number of hymnals made unnecessary and arbitrary changes to the text of "What will the harvest be?" and I have restored it to her original version. Several tunes were written for the text, perhaps the best-known being by P. P. Bliss this one is by W. H.Doane.

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Musician and industrialist Dr. William Howard Doane (1832-1915)
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