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Bright, bright in silver light The Rev. Theodore Isaac Holcombe, B.D. (1832-1906) was a prominent Episcopal Church. He was born in Naples, New York and trained for the ministry at the Episcopal Seminary at Nashotah House in Wisconsin and was ordained in 1858. After a short period as a missionary in 1849 he became curate of Christ Church, St. Louis (now Christ Church Cathedral) and it was here in 1861 that he married Sarah Elizabeth Williams, whose birthplace is variously given as Kentucky or Ohio. In 1865 he became Rector of St. Paul's, Winona, Minnesota, and then from 1869 to 1882 was Rector of Trinity Church in Rock Island, Illinois. His final stint as Rector was at St. Stephen's, Millburn, New Jersey. In 1888 Holcombe retired from parish ministry in order to become Secretary of the Clergyman's Retiring Fund Society, an organization he had founded and which was a precursor of the Church Pension Fund. He was also one of the founders of Church Publishing.

Sarah Elizabeth Williams Holcombe (1844-1899) wrote this Christmas carol around the time of her marriage. According to the New York Times it was played on the bells of Trinity Church in Wall Street, New York, on December 25th., 1862.

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The Rev. Theodore Isaac Holcombe, B.D. (1832-1906)
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