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Golden harps are sounding
The following account is given of the writing of this text by Frances R. Havergal "When visiting at Parry Barr, [Miss Havergal] walked to the boys’ schoolroom, and being very tired she leaned against the playground wall, while Mr. Snepp went in. Returning in ten minutes, he found her scribbling on an old envelope. At his request she gave him the hymn just penciled, 'Golden Harps Are Sounding.'" Although Miss Havergal wrote her own tune, "Hermes," for this Ascensiontide hymn, it is set here to Sir Arthur Sullivan's much more interesting tune, "St. Theresa."

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"Angeli Laudantes," tapestry by Sir Edward Burne-Jones, R.A. (1833-1898). Metropolitan Museum of Art
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