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God is gone up with a merry noise (Ganthony)
The tune featured on this page, "Gainsborough" or "Proper 113th." is now largely forgotten, but was once immensely popular. In 1851 Hector Berlioz heard it sung by the Charity Children in St. Paul's Cathedral, London, and thought it was so beautiful that he was reduced to tears. Little is known about its composer, Joseph Ganthony (d. 1795). He was a string player as well as a composer, and from 1770 to 1785 was the Parish Schoolmaster at St. Giles Cripplegate in London. He seems to have spent the last ten years of his life in Dublin. His wife was named Elizabeth and one of their sons, Richard Pinfold Ganthony, was a well-known London watchmaker.

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A lovely satinwood combined barometer, clock, thermometer and hygrometer made in the Regency period by Richard Pinfold Ganthony
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