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Christopher Tye, O Holy Spirit, Lord of Grace
An anthem utilizing music from Christopher Tye's The Actes of the Apostles arranged by Edward F. Rimbault. The text used by Dr. Rimbault, "The Lord descended from above," was one of the supplementary hymns from Sternhold & Hopkins's Old Version of the Psalms and was only marginally better than Tye's original text, which was the beginning of Acts Chapter 4:

When that the people taught they had
There came to them doutles
Priests and rulers as men nye mad
And eke the Saduces
Whome it greved that they should move
The people and them leade
That Jesus Christ by powre above
Should ryse up from the deade.

Worse was to follow, since E. Stanley Roper (1878-1953) made another arrangement to the words, "O come, ye servants of the Lord," with a Latin alternative "Laudate nomen Domini," in which, in the words of Philip Legge, he managed to "botch" the music as well. This anthem has unfortunately become extremely popular, but I offer an alternative arrangement to the words "O Holy Spirit, Lord of grace," which attempts at least to avoid "botching" Tye's music.
The Reverend Father Charles Coffin (1676-1749), dressed in the robes of a Master of Arts from the University of Paris
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